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Adam Murby The Magician
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  • What is Magic?
    Magic is said to be the second oldest profession in the world. Yet it is new to every generation. Magic by definition is “the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces”. Thousands of years ago, magicians were known as magi. They were advisers to kings and emperors. Long before advanced science and medicine, magicians created illusions, influencing the future scientists to turn those illusions into reality. Nowadays, it’s common knowledge that “magic is the art and skill of performing mysterious tricks to entertain people, for example by making things appear or disappear.” Of all the art forms, magic is the richest of all and the only art form that creates moments of astonishment for people.
  • When did Adam start performing magic, and how did he get started?"
    Adam first got introduced to magic by his great-grandmother in Sweden at 7 years old, who showed and taught him his first card trick. After receiving his first magic set for Chirstmas, he's never looked back!
  • Is Adam an alien with real magical powers?
    Contrary to popular belief, Adam is not an Alien who possesses real magical powers. He is merely an actor playing the part of a magician using 20+ years of practise and experience in the art of magic with skills in conjuring, sleight-of-hand, psychology, misdirection and showmanship to create the illusion of magic to give people unfortgettable experiences of wonder and amazement.
  • I saw Adam perform at a private party and loved his act! Is his show suitable for our next corporate work function?
    Totally! Adam provides a unique form of sophisticated and interactive entertainment that is perfect for almost any corporate event. It is a great icebreaker that engages, entertains and pleasantly suprises people…a recipe for success when doing business. Business expos, networking events, sales meetings, awards dinners, hospitality suites, product launches, trade show, end-of-year parties and client appreciation events are but a few of the possible functions where Adam can be of service and make the affair truly memorable and talked about for years to come!
  • What size crowds does Adam perform for?
    Whether you are planning a small intimate dinner for a few people or a corporate event for a few thousand, Adam is able to customise his performance to fit your unique goals. Virtually no event is too small or too big. Adam can help you and your team customise and tailor the show to meet and exceed expectations.
  • Does Adam travel?
    Yes he does. Adam performs Australia wide and throughout the world. He travels consistently throught the year for public touring shows, corporate events and private parties. Contact Adam today to check his availability for your next event!
  • How much does Adam charge?
    It all depends. Since every event is different and unqiue in it's own way, there is no way to answer that question without knowing more details about your specific event. Rates vary based on a variety of factors including the type of performance (strolling show, stand-up shows, stage show, trade shows or special projects), the size of the audience, show length, the travel requirements and day of the week. Please contact us today for availability and quotes.
  • Does Adam perform at kids' shows?
    Kids ARE growing up faster today - and it's all down to technology: Youtube, Social Media and mobile phones causing children to mature more quickly with access to the internet and ever more exposure to the world at a young age. If planning an event with kids primarily over the age of 10, Adam's mix of magic and mind-reading will have the group truly amazed and engaged. For younger groups, a traditional children's performer is likely a better choice and Adam can happily refer you to a few trusted colleagues.
  • How did he do it?!
    This is Adam's most asked question…Unfortuantly he can't reveal his secrets as he is sword to secrecy, but as a hint, he uses a combination of 'Ancient Wizarding Secrets' and many years and hours of study and practise to do what he does.
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